On the Fundamental Groups of Nations (Part II)

Hi everyone! I’ve been gone for a long while. Basically, we had a baby, then I got busy with full time work, and life changed. I won’t promise regular postings on this site, but when something interests me I will try to drop it here for you to enjoy.

To follow up on my last pre-blackout-period post, the weird boundaries and enclave/exclave situations with borders around the world led to some interesting math, but it looks like India and Bangladesh got there before I could tell you about it! Specifically, they signed a treaty last year to swap various enclaves and exclaves to simplify the border. So we say goodbye to the world’s only third-order exclave and look forward to less strife and confusion at the border.

That’s where I’ll leave this story. I hope to continue with other math topics moving forward—stay tuned for some peculiar math in the Gregorian calendar!


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